Explore Dublin’s real Liberties
with genuine local guides
Discover the hidden city
only the locals know
Inspiring Routes
Local Charm
Hidden Histories

The most authentic and memorable walking tour in Dublin

Exceptional, entertaining, unforgettable. 

Wandering at a leisurely pace, you will encounter all the better-known sights as well as the hidden gems. You will be given rare access to local stories – bizarre, hilarious and tragic. You will see where market life still survives cheek by jowl with thriving new enterprises. You will visit the antiques quarter and stumble across hipster-heaven coffee shops. 

And all the while your local guide will bring stone, wood, paint, graffiti, tile, stain and statue to life with stories, yarns and local knowledge. They’ll bring you to sights you won’t witness in any other tour in Dublin. Nothing is hidden or disguised – you’ll experience postcard Dublin and the rougher-edged, authentic, darker side – past and present.

“Maps and guidebooks, apps and tourist products will never compete with the authentic experience of a charming local guide revealing the secrets and gems of their local area. I learned more about Dublin in an hour than I did in the previous two weeks of my stay. And more importantly, the memories, the laughs and photos stay with me.”